nature fairy and elf under tree

Fairy Wings

girl wearing fairy wings and fairy costume

Enchanted wings are the perfect accessories for weddings, parties, and photography props, especially paired with matching fairy costumes. Find fairy stuff for all sizes and ages. Beautifully embroidered, each set of faery wings are great for any special occasion. Each one is a hand crafted work of art to be cherished and displayed while not in use. Our wings are guaranteed to be the most fabulous ever made or we will refund your money!

The CLEAR elastic straps provide nearly invisible wear. PLUS, the multi-petaled fairy costume skirts are the fullest, most sumptuous to be found!

Costumes and Portrait Clothing

Child wearing fairy costume for portrait

Reproductions can be made of period clothing from any era, but we love Medieval, Renaissance, Tudor, and Elizabethan or Shakespeare costumes. Our garments are much loved by photographers and re enactors alike. Fairy costumes are always a big hit at Halloween, New Year's Eve and Mardi Gras. Just because it is for dress up doesn't mean quality has to be sacrificed. Our portrait clothing is multi-sized for photography studios.

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